Saturday, September 13, 2008


This creature is one of my made-up dinos. He looks more like he comes from a line of predatory species. I just had fun with this guy. I will do a lot of that with this blog, since I am not a paleontologist and I get a lot of my dinosaur facts from sources like the Godzilla films and the Flintstones...just joking...Wikipedia actually. He looks kind of playful if you ask me. It is always more fun to draw the bad guys. So of course what is more bad-assed than a carnivorous dinosaur?

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captain brushpen said...

Hey! Godzilla (at least the modern one) was a highly Nothing wrong with referencing that. A request! Microraptor it up, while you're being fanciful! Everyone get so caught up in the wings that there's very little fluid or fun mircroraptor art out there.