Saturday, September 13, 2008


Here is my drawing of a Gallimimus, which I think were the same ostrich-like dinos shown in the movie Jurrasic Park. Remember that cool scene where the big T-Rex shows up out of nowhere and picks one of them off? Anyhow, I read somewhere (ZooBooks) that "gal-uh-MIME-us" means "fowl mimic". Like many birds today, it had hollow bones which seems kinda weird for an animal so big. It was also thought to be an omnivore, feeding on many species of plants and eating small animals also.


captain brushpen said...

Hahahaha WHAT. That is the BEST gallimimus I have ever seen; he looks like he just might explode from too much personality. Post more, post more!

Petr said...

hahahaha great! fantastic picture!
but how it is weird for a big animal to have hollow bones? what is hollow that weights less. remember brachiosaurus and such, they had hollow bones too, and gallimimus was a dwarf compared to them =)